Kotooshu 大関 琴欧州勝紀

大関 琴欧州勝紀 Kotooshu - Kaloyan Mahlyanov - Bulgarian sumo wrestler in Japan

Last Match
2008 May Grand Sumo Tournament
Ryogoku Kokugikan , Tokyo, Japan
Day 15, 25 May 2008
win W-O Kotooshu (14-1) - E-O Chiyotaikai (5-10) loss
kimarite: yorikiri
Next Match
2008 July Grand Sumo Tournament
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nagoya, Japan
Day 1, 13 July 2008


• The Champion Ozeki Kotooshu Won Also the Last Day Bout
25 May 2008

In the last day of the 2008 May Grand Sumo tournament ozeki Kotooshu won ozeki Chiyotaikai to reach a score of 14 wins and only 1 loss. This match was not decisive for the first Emperor's Cup won by European during the whole history of sumo.

The last bout was between the yokozunas Asoshoryu and Hakuho. Asoshoryu used hikiotoshi to win the match and this way both of them ended up at second place with 11 wins and 4 losses. The second place is shared also with maegashira Toyonoshima who won his last bout and also reched 11-4.

Besided the champions award gained by Kotooshu, the Outstanding Performance Award went to Aminishiki, Kisenosato and Toyonoshima received the Fighting Spirit Prize while Ama got the Technique Prize.

  • Kotooshu in History. For the First Time a European Wins the Emperor's Cup
24 May 2008

Kaloyan Mahlyanov Kotooshu became the first European sumoist that wins the Emperor's Cup after winning the 2008 May Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

In day 14 of the tournament Kotooshu won sekiwake Ama and one day before the utimate bouts tomorrow Kotooshu is unreachable at the top with 13 wins and 1 loss.

Ozeki Kotooshu used okuritaoshi to win sekiwake Ama. This win guranteed the great triumph. Kotooshu ends up the hegemony of the two yokozunas Asoshoryu and Hakuho who have won a total of 28 tournaments during the last 5 years. Asoshoryu has 22 titles and hakuho - with 6.

Both Asoshory and Hakuho also won in day 14, though their wins would not change the ranking. Behind Kotooshu is yokozuna Hakuho with 3 losses and 3 other sumoist with 4 losses: Asoshoryu, Toyonoshima and Hokutoriki.

  • First Loss for Kotooshu
23 May 2008

The winning series of ozeki Kotooshu was stopped in today's bout of Kaloyan Mahlyanov with 4th maegashira Aminishiki using oshidashi. This way the score of Kotooshu becomes 12 wins and 1 loss. He is still the leader in the tournament 2 matches before the end.

Both yokozunas Asashoryu and Hakuho lost their matches - Asoshoryu lost to ozeki Kaio and Hakuho lost to ozeki Kotomitsuki. In the current leaders list yokuzuna Hakuho is behind Kotooshu with 3 losses and a number of sumo wrestlers are with 4 losses: Asoshoryu, Ama, Aminishiki, Toyonoshima, Futeno, Hokutoriki.

Even if Kotooshu loses the 2 remaining bouts and Hakuho wins his both ozeki Kotooshu and yokozuna Hakuho would have a result 12-3 and would then fight for the title. If Hakuho loses one of his bouts or Kotooshu wins even only one bout then he would gain the Imperor's Cup.

  • 2 Wins Over 2 Yokozunas for Kotooshu
22 May 2008

Kotooshu had to face the west yokozuna Hakuho immediately after winning over east yokozuna Asoshoryu yesterday. In the last bout of the day 12 in the 2008 May Grand Sumo Tournament the Bulgarian Kaloyan Mahlyanov Kotooshu used yorikiri to win also yokozuna Hakuho.

With a score of 12-0 Kotooshu is the only leader of the tournament followed by yokozuna Hakuho with 2 losses and yokozuna Asoshoryu, Toyonoshima, Hokutoriki with 3 losses.

Tomorrow in the day 13 of the tournament Kotooshu will fight against maegashira Aminishiki who has score 8-4.

  • Kotooshu Defeated Yokozuna Asashoryu and Is Absolute Leader
21 May 2008

Kotooshu continues his triumphant participation at the 2008 May Grand Sumo Tournament in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan. In Day 11 Kotooshu defeated yokozuna Asashoryu by yorikiri. This was the 11th successive win of Kotooshu in the tournament and he is now leader with no losses. He is followed by yokozuna Hakuho with 1 loss and yokozuna Asashoryu and maegashira 5 Toyonoshima with 2 losses.

Tomorrow Kotooshu will face yokozuna Hakuho in the day 12 of the tournament.


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